Expt Procedures

Template with an experiment file and several procedure files to help simplify data acquisition and management in Igor Pro. Includes generic data-taking routines, a convention for identifying data with unique serial numbers, procedure files to simplify data acquisition (see "DAQ Procedures" Project*) with GPIB, NIDAQ, serial port, and VISA, and procedure files to work with a few common SRS lockin amplifiers and Tektronix oscilloscopes. Each file contains its own documentation, and the experiment file contains a "GettingStarted" notebook.

Some of this template builds on "Alex Procedures," a very useful set of Igor Pro procedures written by Dr. Alexander Johnson while working for Professor Charles Marcus at Harvard. "Alex Procedures" is documented in Appendix D of its author's Ph.D. dissertation, which is available online at:
In particular, "Expt_Data.ipf" and "Expt_Analysis.ipf" were inspired by "alexdata.ipf" and "alexanalysis.ipf", and the "2D-Graph Profile Utility" of "Expt_Graph_Utilities.ipf" is based off a similar feature from "alexanalysis.ipf".
However, this template is not compatible with "Alex Procedures."

For example, "Expt_Data.ipf" provides the functions setval() and getval() to identify different experimental parameters with strings, so that functions like do1d() can sweep arbitrary parameters in order to produce a data set of one or more waves. "Expt_Analysis.ipf" provides conventions for do1d() to assign a unique serial number to the data set, and to archive useful information in the wavenotes of the data waves. This allows you to later use a serial number with shownum() to graph a data set with automatically labeled axes.

This template uses optional conditional computation (#if) to ease sharing between multiple computers. These statements require Igor Pro v6 or higher, and should be commented out for earlier versions.

*Link to "DAQ Procedures": http://www.igorexchange.com/project/DAQ_Procedures

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