Gibb's Energy Curves


This shows the behavior of the Gibbs energy for a binary (A/B), two phase (alpha + beta) system.

The RED (alpha) phase curve will vary in position as a function of temperature (via the slider).

Two additional sliders set the values of the pure component chemical potentials of A or B (the same in both phases). The transition temperatures for each component going from alpha -> beta are input using the set variable inputs. They affect the fixed position of the BLUE (beta) phase curve. Turn on Regular solution behavior to input BETA values for either phase. Use the Auto Cool button to watch the alpha -> beta phase transition as a function of automatically varying the temperature.

Distribution Details

  • Experiments: GibbsEnergyCurves
  • Procedure Files: none
  • XOPS: none
  • Demos: (experiment file)
  • Requires Packages: NONE
  • Help Files: a notebook outlines the basis of the calculations
  • Documentation: the Web pages for this project


The experiment file is self-contained.

When not otherwise displayed, the panel and graph are opened from the Windows:Graph Macros menu.


Project Details

Current Project Release

Gibb's Energy Curves IGOR.6.10.x-1.0.0

Release File: (19.35 KB)
Version: IGOR.6.10.x-1.0.0
Version Date:
Version Major: 1
Version Patch Level: 0
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes:


First release version contains a ZIP archive with a folder that contains the experiment (.pxp) file.
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