NIDAQmxBaseAccess XOP

The NIDAQmxBaseAccess XOP gives you access to functions defined by National Instruments' NI-DAQmx Base driver for multifunction data acquisition boards. This driver is available for Macintosh OS X; this is the only way to use National Instruments data acquisition devices on OS X.

Unfortunately, we found NI-DAQmx Base to be buggy, incomplete, and not entirely compatible with Igor (it runs a copy of Labview within Igor's process). Consequently we cannot support this XOP. What we offer here is an XCode project that you can use to build the XOP yourself. You will be responsible for maintaining your own copy.

NI-DAQmx Base is a library built with Labview that implements a subset of the funtionality in the NI-DAQmx driver available on Windows. Because NI-DAQmx Base is built using Labview, it is relatively easy for NI to create ports to different operating systems. Some version of it is available on Macintosh OS X, Windows, and Linux systems.

This project requires that you already have the XOP Toolkit.

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NIDAQmxBaseAccess IGOR.5.00.x-1.0.x-dev

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Version: IGOR.5.00.x-1.0.x-dev
Version Date: Sat, 11/17/2007 - 08:19 am
Version Major: 1
Version Extra: dev
Release Notes: First IgorExchange release.
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