Progress Meter

// Function ProgressMeter routines
// Routines to create, update and destroy a little progress meter. This uses
// igor drawing commands in a panel. Data is normalized to a 0 to 100 unit
// scale and meter is updated every 5 units (20 increments).
// Truncates name to 40 characters and ensures that name is igor legal. Always
// use return value (string) from ProgressMeterCreate as MeterName parameter
// for ProgressMeterUpdate and ProgressMeterDestroy.
// Checks ckbShowProgress to see if progress meters are to be displayed.
// Programmer can select meter type or let it be selected by options panel (with type 0)
// type 1: thermometer, type 2: digital (numeric), type 3: clock.
// Update Meter routine returns "100" if named meter doesn't exist.

Project Details

Current Project Release

Progress Meter IGOR.5.00.x-1

Release File: Progress Meter.ipf
Version: IGOR.5.00.x-1
Version Date: Thu, 04/04/2013 - 05:48 am
Version Major: 1
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
Release Notes:

This is an old procedure file and it may be supported by Igor versions earlier than 5. In its present form it will require some effort to get it working. It is being offered as a source of ideas; I hope to be able to spend some time working on this in the near future.

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