XML Note Tools

This package provides a set of commands that allow one to output text in XML format to the history, a text string, a wave note, or a notebook. It also provides a panel that allows easy XML formatting into a notebook.


XML Note Tools Panel available under Misc:Panels: menu selection

Prints text enclosed in XML tags to the history window

Returns text enclosed in XML tags (for string storage)

XMLWaveNote(wave, propertylist,text,[attributes,values,pretty,replace,at])
Puts text enclosed in XML tags as a wave note to wave

XMLNoteText(ntbk, propertylist,text,[attributes,values,pretty,replace,at])
Prints text enclosed in XML tags as a note in notebook ntbk

XMLNoteObject(ntbk, propertylist,object,[attributes,values,pretty,replace,at])
Puts object in XML tags as a note in notebook ntbk

Loads into a string template the contents of filename (an XML file). The template contains # in places to be filled.

Returns a string that is the filled template, where every instance of @ is substituted by a given parameter in paramlist. Executable % codes are accepted as parameters.

Distribution Details

  • Experiments: none
  • Procedure Files: XMLNoteTools, XMLNoteToolsModule, XMLNoteToolsPanel
  • XOPS: none
  • Demos: none
  • Requires Packages: none
  • Benefits from Optional Packages: ScreenSizer Easy New Notebook
  • Help Files: XMLNoteToolsHelp
  • Other Documentation: the Web pages for this project


See the help file for formats of the commands. Also see the release notes for each version for examples as improvements were made.

Installation Notes

To install the release version of this package, first download and unzip the ZIP archive. Then, follow one of three paths:

  1. Move the XMLNoteTools folder into the User Procedures folder of Igor Pro. Include the command
    #include "XMLNoteTools"

    #include "XMLNoteToolsPanel"

    in your package or insert it in the command window. The former installs only the command functions, and the latter installs the control panel.

  2. Follow the method above. Create a shortcut/alias to the file XMLNoteTools.ipf or a shortcut to XMLNoteToolsPanel.ipf. Move the shortcut/alias into the Igor Procedures folder of Igor Pro. The functions or panel will then always be accessible to all experiments.

  3. Move the XMLNoteTools folder into the Igor Procedures folder of Igor Pro. The module will then always be accessible to all experiments. (This method is the least preferred one!)

After installing the folder, make an alias/shortcut of the file XMLNoteToolsHelp.ihf. Put this alias/shortcut in the Igor Help Files folder.


Project Details

Project CVS: http://svn.igorexchange.com/viewvcpackages/XMLNoteTools/

Current Project Release

XMLNoteTools IGOR.6.03.x-1.x-dev

Release File: XMLNoteTools-IGOR.6.03.x-1.x-dev.zip (182.33 KB)
Version: IGOR.6.03.x-1.x-dev
Version Date:
Version Major: 1
Version Extra: dev
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes:


This is the development branch for version 1.x of the package.
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