Fermi Distribution + DoS Plot

This demo shows the curves for the Fermi-Dirac distribution function multiplied with a projected density of states (DoS) from a free-electron metal. Change parameters with sliders to see the changes in the curves.

Screenshot of Fermi DoS demo package


Screenshot of Fermi DoS demo package.

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Fermi Distribution + DoS Plot IGOR.6.30.x-1.0

Release File: Fermi Distribution + DoS Plot.zip
Version: IGOR.6.30.x-1.0
Version Date: Tue, 01/31/2017 - 11:15 am
Version Major: 1
Version Patch Level: 0
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
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Small nit.  I get a complies error with a missing right parenthesis.  Start forward fix and works fine. 




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