PHI SPE File Loader


This package contains a loader for PHI SPE files. The files are generated by PHI XPS and AES instruments. The procedure is based on generous and greatly appreciated contributions from the folks at this link:


Here are some insights to the use of this procedure.

  • LoadPHISPEFile() - This command will load a PHI SPE file.
  • Path PHISPEFiLes - This path will be set as the location of the PHI SPE files. You can preset it before the Load command, or you will be asked for it when you invoke the Load command.
  • Waves Generated - One scaled wave is generated per spectrum in the file. The Load command also generates a PHISPETextHeader wave, a PHISPEBinaryHeader wave, a PHISPESpectraHeader wave, a wSpectrumNames wave, and a wSpectrumScales (matrix) wave. All waves are put in a datafolder with the file name. Files are overwritten by default.
  • Special Options - Each column in the wSpectrumScales wave corresponds to the spectrum loaded. Rows in this wave can be accessed by labels npts, start, step, acqtime, and Ep. For example, use wSpectrumScales[%c1s][%acqtime] to show the acquisition time of the c1s spectrum.


This loader has only been tested for XPS spectra.

Other Options

For another option to load PHI SPE files, see the import tool GitHub site from M. Richter:

Project Details

Current Project Release

PHI SPE File Loader IGOR.6.30.x-2.0

Release File: PHI SPE File Loader.ipf (6.68 KB)
Version: IGOR.6.30.x-2.0
Version Date:
Version Major: 2
Version Patch Level: 0
OS Compatibility: Mac-Intel Windows
Release Notes: This version should read version 1 or version 2 formats of the PHI SPE files.
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I am trying to load some SPE files from MultiPak by using the PHI SPE File Loader.ipf 

The code runs well by calling the LoadPHISPEFile() function but the files formed on my Igor experiment do not contain any data. Did anyone had a similar issue or have any idea of how this could be fixed?

This loader will NOT load images, only spectra.

This loader may break at newer versions of the PHI SPE format.

This loader has not been tested with anything that contains multiple experiments and/or types of analysis all in one file (if that is even possible in SPE formats).

Otherwise, would you post an example of a file that does load properly. I can try to troubleshoot.

Thank's for the quick reply jjweimer! I was trying to load spectra files. Each of the .spe file contains several spectra and when I run the loader I do not get any error at all and the loaded waves corresponding to the different spectra are just zeroes. I am attaching here the .spe type of file I was trying to load. Would appreciate any help. (8.12 KB)

The SPE format may be version 3.x. Can you confirm this with PHI please? If so, I need to add this new format.

The file has multiplex data. Can you provide a file that has just one spectrum, perhaps either a survey or a high resolution scan.

It is a Phi Quantera II instrument, but I  am not sure about the spe format version. I will need to look more into this. In the meanwhile I attach a survey spectrum here. (7.06 KB)

I've fixed it. The SPE file version is 3.x. A switch statement in the code only handled versions 1 and 2. This posting now handles version 3 and beyond.

PHI SPE File Loader.ipf (6.68 KB)




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