twoPhoton scanning laser microscopy control

Code for using Igor Pro with NIDAQ toolkit and National Instruments data acquisition boards (PCI-6110 or similar for imaging plus optionally a PCI-6036 or similar for electrophysiology traces) to drive a scanning laser microscope system, as for confocal or 2-photon microscopy. Igor Pro/NIDAQ drives the galvanometers that direct the beam, and collects the data. Can also control moving the microscope stage around, as for controlling focus to make z-stacks. Includes some code for analysis of images/image stacks. The acquisition side of things is currently old-school NIDAQ and back-compatible to Igor 5.05, for Mac OS 9 compatibility, but it will also work with Windows. Plans are to underway to update to newer drivers. The analysis side of things will work on all platforms. Some functions are in a cross-platform XOP to speed things up a bit.

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