Learning Igor

There are many tools and resources for learning Igor. They range from introductory tours to advanced help for specific topics.


Guided Tour

The Guided Tour is an essential introduction to Igor. You can access it through the Getting Started help file or through Igor's PDF manual. Both can be opened through Igor's Help menu.

The Guided Tour is also available in video format.

The Guided Tour is indispensable for getting started with Igor. We strongly recommend that you go through at least the first half of it.

Example Experiments

These experiments are part of the standard Igor installation. You can browse the list of examples by running Igor and choosing Example Experiments from File Menu.

The following tutorials, also accessible through the Example Experiments submenu of the File menu, guide you through specific subjects or techniques:

  • 3D Graphics Tutorial
  • Data Folder Tutorial
  • Image Processing Tutorial
  • User Fit Tutorial
  • Using Igor Documentation
  • X Scaling Tutorial


The Igor manual is available as a PDF document that you can access by choosing Manual from Igor's Help menu.

The Igor manual is included in the Igor Pro demo. If you want to see the manual but don't want to install Igor, you can download it here.

Igor XOP Toolkit Manual

Igor Filter Design Lab Manual

Igor NIDAQmx Tools Manual

Video Tutorials

Video tutorials for Igor can be found on the Video Tutorials web page.




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Igor XOP Toolkit

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