NMR Analysis Package Update

(January 7, 1998 - Igor Mailing List)

Dear fellow Igor Users!

I would like to inform you on the submission of on updated version of my NMR_Analysis package to the Igor FTP archive.

The files have been uploaded to:




The following is a brief description of the analysis package:

Analysis package for broad-line NMR data (1 and 2 dimensional)

Written by Frank Linseisen (flinseis@physics.ubc.ca)

  • requires Igor 3.0 or better
  • runs on PPC using MacOS or X86 using Windows95/NT
  • can DePake NMR spectra (using different algorithms)
  • can perform discrete Laplace transforms with and without non-negativity constraint and using a variety of algorithms

[A sample application of this package.]

The package is free for non-commercial use - please contact me for info on commercial use.

It has been well tested in our lab (both by me and other user, including students of Prof. Myer Bloom and Prof. Alex MacKay at UBC, Department of Physics in Vancouver, Canada) and should therefor pretty much free of bugs (at least we managed to publish results obtained with this package ;).

Please drop me an email if you are going to use it or have any questions regarding its operation.

Happy computing,

Frank Linseisen

Frank Linseisen, PhD

Department of Physics
University of British Columbia
6224 Agricultural Road
Vancouver, B.C.
V6T 1Z1

Tel: 604-822-3898
Fax: 604-822-5324
Email: flinseis@physics.ubc.ca

Research Associate
NMR, DSC, shear, membrane models




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