Freeform text entry field


I am creating a user/operator interface and I would like to include a free form text entry field for comment/notes that would stored to the wave note field.

In my quest to keep the interface simple and not have pop up windows from a notebook, is there anyway to embed a simple multiline text entry control into a trap/panel?

I used an input field on the panel here ...

The text gets captured to a notebook. I also allow for interpretation of "escape codes" from the input string to allow "dynamic text".

FWIW, a comparable albeit rather dated tool to what you want may also be here by example ...

J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAHuntsville
I would embed a notebook into the panel with
NewNotebook/F=0/N=NB0/W=(1,2,3,4) /HOST=mainPanel

The Notebook help pages are also a recommended read for that, especially the autoSave option might be relevant for your case.
In the main panel setup a window hook and handle the modified event to store the changed notebook contents to the place you want.
See File->Example Experiments-Feature Demos 2->Notebook in Panel.

DisplayHelpTopic "Notebooks as Subwindows in Control Panels"