Using Patchers Power Tools with Igor 7


I am trying to use the extension Patchers Power Tools ( for Igor to analyze data from patch clamp recordings. Unfortunately this extension does not seem to work in the 64 bit Version. In the 32bit Version it shows up in the toolbar, but does not work either. I am able to click on it, but it doesnt provide any function.
My Question now is, if there is a way to make in functional again in Igor7? (optimal would be the 64 bit version, but 32bit is sufficient too)

The package contains an XOP. This is 32bit and has to be adapted and recompiled to work with IP7 64bit.
Why it does not work in the 32bit version either, I have no clue.

Does it work in IP6?

I would try to contact the authors and ask them if the source code is available.


I have investigated some crashes with PPT and Igor 6. My conclusion is that it crashes sometimes and it seems to be dependent on the specific waves that exist in the current data folder when it is called.

Also, I suspect that menu-related calls in PPT may need to be updated for Igor7 though I'm not sure.

Unfortunately, it appears that the developers of PPT ( are no longer working on it and the source code is not available.

There is a post about PPT here on the Igor mailing list:


It was working fine for me on Igor 6, and it seems like the visual interface is not working anymore on Igor 7.
The Workaround from the letter helps load some files into Igor7, but does not bring back the full functionality of PPT
It would probably be to hard to update the menu related functions without the source code?

I maintain an XOP (bpc_ReadHeka) that is partially based on PPT code. It presents the user a dialog to load Pulse or PatchMaster data into Igor. That dialog is invoked via "Data→Import PULSE or PM File". The latest version of bpc_ReadHeka is freely available here:

bpc_ReadHeka is for 32 bit Igor (including Igor 7) running on any version of Windows that Igor supports.

If loading HEKA data files into Igor is all you need to achieve, bpc_ReadHeka is up to the job.