Animating multiple graphs

I have written some image analysis code in Igor, the results of which I'd like to display alongside the original images. I'm not certain of the best way forward. Some advice would be great.

The code looks at colocalisation over time in two different tiff stacks. It makes four different graphs which update for each frame of the movie. Currently, my procedure saves these graphs to disk as a movie and optionally as individual TIFFs.
At the end I reassemble the two stacks into a montage with a red/green representation of the two channels overlaid. I use the slider to scroll through. So far so good. Now I'd like to add the graphs alongside this and scroll everything together them too.
I was going to reimport my TIFFs from disk and assemble them, but I thought this is probably a bit silly. Originally I saved to disk because I was going to work in another program, but now I just figured I'd do everything in Igor - why not?!

Is it better to store the TIFFs of the graphs in Picture Gallery as they are made, and use the gallery somehow to reassemble everything?
Or maybe to create a 4D wave with the TIFFs, adding layers as the code progresses? And then stick these together at the end.
Something else??

Thank you for any help
I am not sure I follow all the details but here are some general ideas:

1. I would not save in the Gallery a very long sequence of images. Your experiment file will become unnecessarily large.

2. Images of graphs usually take more storage space then the data used to generate them. Unless the underlying calculation is too costly I'd compute and generate the graphs on the fly. Otherwise I would just store the generated data (not full images).
The graphs will definitely be smaller. I need to look up how to update them on the fly. Thanks for the suggestion.
You may find useful examples in the 3DWaveDisplay procedure in WaveMetrics Procedures:Image Processing.