Can someone write custom XOP for Basler camera - Will pay


I have a lot of clients interested in imaging of their samples in product/process development. I build custom applications around feature extraction. There is a very strong interest to combine the image acquisition with the analysis.

I like using industrial cameras such as Basler or Edmund Optics house brand. These cameras work fine with DirectShow and the camera options within IP7. What is lacking is that I do not access to exposure control.

I am not an XOP programmer at all so I may be naive in my request. For example Basler provides a complete SDK kit for their camera driver and there are a great number of features in the driver. What I really need is a very small subset, basically getting images and setting exposure control.

The files can be downloaded here

Is anyone up to writing an XOP and how much would you charge?

Quick follow up.

Thomas did the project for me and did a nice job.

Would definitely use him again for custom projects.