SQL Insert BLOB (Binary Large Object)



I am working on a project and in saving the data from a run to a MySQL database, the database admin is asking if it would be possible to save a wave as BLOB (Binary Large Object).


I have looked at the SQL.xop documentation and it is not obvious to me if this is possible. Can this be done?



if it would be possible to save a wave as BLOB

To give a fully informed answer, I would need a more detailed description of what you want to save (just the wave data?, data and all properties?).

Also what software would be reading the blob and what would it want to do with it?

You can certainly save just the wave data to a blob.

If you want to be able to fully reconstitute the wave in all of its glory, you would need to write it to a .ibw file, read the bytes in the file, and write the bytes to a blob. The software reading the blob would need to be able to read a .ibw file.



Hi Howard,


The IP experiment is controlling some test measurement systems and does some analysis and reports those values.  The intent is store the raw data for potential future analysis.  Since the client already has IP I will push to store .IBW file and given that what would the command look like?  To date my experience with the SQL top is limited and basically restricted to using the SQLHighLevelOp.



One additional benefit of ibw is that it is okay documented ("PTN003 Writing Packed Files") and there exists multiple reading solutions in other programming languages as well.

I don't have an example of dealing with blobs using SQL XOP, but the "SQL Help.ihf" file contains a section entitled "Handling Binary Data With SQLHighLevelOp" that explains how to do it.