Keep scroll position in procedure windows when auto-reloading externally modified files

I am programming procedures in external editors often, which works nicely with the auto-reloading feature of Igor. I also keep the same procedure files open in Igor to check the code for compile errors and to set break points. However, every time a modified procedure is reloaded the procedure window scrolls back to the beginning of the file. Currently, I have the search field open with an exact line of code to get back to the line where I was looking at before. It would be nice if Igor would scroll back automatically after any modified files have been reloaded to avoid this extra step and the added confusion. If the length of the file would change then the exact line might change, but this is still better than ending up at the start of the file.

Not directly related, but I sneak another request in here as well: It would be nice if procedure windows could be duplicated as well (ctrl+d maybe?) to be able to look at different parts of the same file at once.

It should be relatively easy to restore the view to the line number in view previously. Restoring the view to the text that was in view previously would be more challenging, and if the external edit changed that text, possibly impossible.

I have filed a ticket so that I won't forget.