Tables: keep row labels visible when scrolling horizontally

The title says it: is there a trick or hack to keep row labels visible as first table column when scrolling horizontally to the right?

Maybe something for the wish list?



If I understand correctly, you want to display several waves or columns in a table, and have one of those waves stay put in the left-most column while you scroll horizontally. Like the point column, but it displays a wave. Is that correct?

So far, that's not an option. I sometimes use two tables and place them side-by-side. The main difficulty is that the vertical scroll isn't synced, you have to manually scroll both tables.

Hello John,

sorry I wasn't precise enough: The question is about 2D waves. The attached image shows a typical example how I like to treat certain data, chemical analyses in this case. The input data is located in the first 11 rows (wt%), everything below (molar proportions, atoms etc) is then calculated. The numbers of rows can change. The wave M_liq has 110 columns and if I wanted to look at e.g. Na in column 108 or so I need to remember the row number (which is visible) or mark the row. I would be much nicer though, if the row labels could be fixed just like the row numbers (or even instead).  

I sometimes use the side-by-side method, but I often move the window(s) around, so this becomes somewhat inconvenient.



tab_0.png (329.32 KB)

Thanks for the clarification. I almost described your exact situation, but more often folks have multiple 1D waves. On the other hand, I have seen your posts lots and should have suspected that your situation was more sophisticated :)

And now that you have clarified that, I'm afraid I don't have anything further to add. You might want to send an enhancement request to I don't think you are the first to want to "pin" a labels column, on the other hand, I think it might be pretty difficult to implement. But you will get a more knowledgeable answer from support, no doubt.

Thanks John,

I found a suitable work-around by putting two tables (data.l, data.ld) onto a panel. This works quite well as long as vertical scrolling is not required, but in my workflow it's more likely to end up with a large number of columns (as in the example above)

I was afraid to suggest that :)

Thats sort of what I did for the Global Fit package, but I used two listbox controls. The listbox action proc has enough information to keep the vertical scrolling for two listboxes in sync.