Quote character (") in strings

I get strings obtained from an api in json format for example


I want to extract all entries such as 20231004_000213.515_BE_UK etc

I have tried things like 

    dummy = StringFromList(5,response,":")
    dummy = ReplaceString("orbname",response,"")
    dummy = ReplaceString("}\n{",dummy,";")
where response is the string from the api.  

The problem with this is that the quote characters remains in the string. 

How can quotes within a string be removed from the string?

Previously I have done this sort of thing by using a loop and search strings and
something like outputString = response[pos1,pos2] but am looking for a neater way 
to do it perhaps with lists or similar.

I don't particualrly want get involved in json.
screen snip

A quote mark in a string must be escaped to survive as something other than the start or end of a string:

String junk="\"orbname\":\"something\""
print junk
print replacestring("\"orbname\"", junk, "")


Yeah- escaping quote marks can get pretty hairy if the strings will pass through multiple layers of interpretation. I've seen some pretty unreadable examples when composing a string to pass from Igor's command line to ExecuteScriptText, where both Igor and the OS are going to take a crack at interpreting quote marks.

DisplayHelpTopic "Escape Sequences in Strings"

Fortunately its not now proving too difficult for me.  The debugging view of strings seems quite accurate and helps.