ShowTools poly / GraphNormal

I have an image which is being displayed with ShowTools/A poly , such that I can immediately start to draw an ROI on that image. After finishing with drawing (the polygon closes) I return to normal mode (GraphNormal) by clicking the top icon in the tool bar, finally I call a function to do something with the ROI.

Is there a way to automatically return to GraphNormal und execute the function once the polygon closes? Is there any event code that would allow a hook function to be used?

You can programmatically return to GraphNormal using HideTools, but there is no event to tell you when the polygon is done. We usually use a control panel with a Done button to allow the user to say when it's done.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.
I'm presently using the control button solution (which does the same as clicking on the ikon and calls the function). I hoped I could get rid of that. Anyway, Thanks!