Show Graph with Percent Values


I have data that goes from 0 to 1.0 (fraction of total) and while scientific types are comfortable with that nomenclature, the more business types really want to see the values as %. For Example: instead of 0.64 the graph would show 64%.

Can I do this without having to create a dummy wave? In other programs such as JMP, I can define a variable to be formatted as % and when I graph as such the values will be formatted as percentages even though the underlying data is still the proper decimal.

Can I do the same in Igor?

Double-click the trace to bring up the Modify Trace Appearance dialog.
Click the Offset checkbox, which has the perverse action of opening a sub-dialog.
In the Trace Offset dialog, enter 100 for Y Mult.

This is in the Trace Offset dialog because it was really intended as a way to offset a trace in a log axis, but it will do what you want, too.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.
And if your data goes from 0 to a different number (which you want to be 100%) you can use
ModifyGraph/W=myGraph muloffset(wave0)={0,100/wavemax(wave0)}