Why does Igor crash when Patcher's Power Tools is installed?

We have had an increasing number of reports from users of Igor and Patcher's Power Tools of occasional crashes.

Regrettably, this appears to be a bug in the PPT.xop compiled code, whose source code is not available to us.

Because development and support of PPT has ceased, Igor users will have to turn to alternative solutions.

A solution for loading HEKA Patch and PatchMaster files on macOS and Windows is Bruxton's DataAccess product.

A solution for analyzing electrophysiological data is NeuroMatic which features import functions for Axograph, Pclamp (ABF) and HDF5 files.

A Windows-only, Igor 32-bit-only solution for reading pClamp ABF 1.x and 2.x binary files and Pulse and PatchMaster data into Igor Pro is the bpc_ReadAbf XOP.




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