Appending image to polar graph

I've run out of ideas on how to do this, so any advice please on incorporating a png image loaded on a PC platform into a polar graph would be appreciated.  The image to be loaded is a coatline of the UK with green land and blue sea, black coart outlne and re dot.  I load it either as png or raw png with the same result - a black grey colour for land and black sea.  I can change the colour back by using explicit colour adjstment, but thats not the problem.

When I append it to an existing polar graph the image is a an upside down mirror image.  



colour png image to be loaded Screen Copy of image appended to Polar Graph

If you want the y axis values to increase upward you can reverse the scale for the image wave. An image plot by default has a reversed y axis, but your polar plot doesn't.

possibly, instead of an image plot, put the image into the bottom draw layer as a picture.

Or you might be able to move the draw objects that make up the grid into an upper draw layer.

When Igor 9.02 releases there will be a way to define a function that draws into one of the layers that the polar graphs package uses after the package clears the layer and before the package draws. This is an example function:

Function PolarGraphInitProgBackLayer(String polarGraphName)

    if( CmpStr(polarGraphName,"PolarGraph0") == 0 ) // only this polar graph
        SetDrawEnv/W=$polarGraphName xcoord= rel,ycoord= rel
        DrawPICT/RABS/W=$polarGraphName 0,0,1,1,Azimuthal_Hay_1500km_png