Dra-and-Drop user GUI control?

I need (simple), quick, and intuitive control for input from users. I have bunch of strings in a list (2-to-many, typically 4-6) and need to get from user ordered list of some of these strings. Not all have to be present.  Order is important.

For example, I may have "red;blue;green;yellow;white;" and need to let user provide me with "green;red;".

I can imagine few ways to get this input from users, but all seem cumbersome.Example would be Listbox with two columns, left populated with strings, one per cell. Second column empty. Right click option - or double click - on populated cell can be used to add items from the source column to target column. I can add reorder and remove as other  right click menu options.  I know how to do this. But this seems cumbersome.   

Current web GUI systems let users drag-and-drop the items in order in new control. Igor uses drag-and-drop everywhere... Am I missing something and is there Igor control which would allow users to drag and drop strings or values between columns/lists? 

Nice, exactly what I need. Great! 


That is impressive programming... Did not realize that some of this can even be done.