Duplicate graph in a function

I have two (related) questions.

1. I would like to duplicate a graph using code, i.e. the equivalent of the menu item Edit/Duplicate Graph. The forum archive has a post (https://www.wavemetrics.com/code-snippet/clone-window) from 2010 with two functions by RGerkin that I cannot get to work because they include GetWinCoords, which I assume is a custom function. Before I write my own function to get window coordinates, is there a more direct command or function to duplicate a graph programmatically now?

(I thought of creating the graph's macro using the doWindow /R command, but the manual says "However, /R does nothing if a macro or function is running.")

2. The general task I am programming is to plot a long time series as 5 very wide graphs arranged in a vertical column on a layout. Each graph would show 1/5 of the full time series. If the time series' entire range is from x0 to x1:

- the top graph's range should be (x0, (x1-x0)/5)

- the second graph's range should be ((x1-x0)/5), 2*(x1-x0)/5)

...and so on. The approach I am taking is to start from a plot that has the entire range; duplicate it; set the range to the sub-range appropriate for that graph.

If anyone wants to suggest a better way, feel free.


WinRecreation(winStr, options) will put the recreation macro into a string.

edit note: not WinReaction 

and then you can execute that recreation macro using Execute from your code.

Note that if the graph is a subwindow, you will have to go through some gyrations if want just the gaph.

Sadly, DoIgorMenu "Edit", "Duplicate Graph" doesn't seem to be allowed :(

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Then we have

function /S duplicateGraph(string win)
    win = SelectString(strlen(win)==0, win, WinName(0, 1))
    if (strlen(win) == 0)
        return ""
    DoWindow /F $win
    if (V_flag == 0)
        return ""
    DoIgorMenu "Edit", "Duplicate"
    return WinName(0, 1)


DoIgorMenu solves some nasty problems, but can create others...

And I'm pretty sure this is equivalent, explicitly using code that Edit->Duplicate uses internally:

Function dupgraph(string gname)
    gname = SelectString(strlen(gname)==0, gname, WinName(0, 1))
    if (strlen(gname) == 0)
        return nan
    String recstr = WinRecreation(gname, 0)
    Execute recstr

The new graph window winds up on top because the Display command in recstr just does that.