How can I batch export graphs using graph title


I want to export multiple graphs into png and name them based on their title. I found an macro online but it generate error saying "expected right parenthesis ". Can you correct this error for me? I really appreciate!

//Gmv1 Save all graphs as png
//Saves all graphs in experiment as PDF files in the
//same folder as the experiment or in subfolder called "graphs"
Function SaveAllGraphs()

    variable NGraphs, i
    string graphList, alertStr, currWindow
    GraphList = WinList("*", ";", "WIN:1")
    graphList = RemoveFromList("SnglMove", graphList)
    NGraphs = itemsInList(GraphList)

    string homePathStr, graphPathStr
    pathInfo home
    homePathStr = S_path
    graphPathStr = homePathStr + "graphs"
    newPath /O graphs, graphPathStr
    print "will save graphs for all runs in " + graphPathStr

    for (i = 0; i < NGraphs; i += 1)
        currWindow = stringFromList(i, graphList)
        doWindow /F $currWindow


End //SaveAllGraphs

//Save top window graph using its window's name
//Top window must be a graph. Graph you want to save must be top window
//Graph is saved as pdf file in folder called "graphs" in the home path (folder
//of the current igor experiment), which you can create in advance or in response to the dialog
//box that appears if "graphs" does not exist.
//Filename is created from igor experiment name and graph window's title
Function saveGraph()

    string windowTitleStr, titleFirstWord
    //Obtain window's title's first word, to be used as part of the filename
    //e.g., if autonamed graph1:y vs x, then extract "graph1"
    getWindow kwTopWin, wtitle
    //(I am getting title because I don't know how to get the window's name)
    windowTitleStr = S_Value
    titleFirstWord = stringFromList(0, windowTitleStr, ":")

    string exptName, fName
    exptName = igorInfo(1)
    fName = titleFirstWord + "_" + exptName
    print "windowTitleStr", windowTitleStr
    print "titleFirstWord", titleFirstWord
    print "fName", fName

    string alertStr
    alertStr = "Will try to save graph with title " + windowTitleStr
    alertStr += " as a pdf file in same folder as present Igor"
    alertStr += " experiment, \nusing name " + fName
    doWindow /H /F
    print alertStr

    SavePICT/Z/O/P=graphs/E=-5/RES=300 as fName
//Here save to png with resolution 300 ppi
    //SavePICT /Z/O/P=graphs/E=-2/W=(0,0,0,0) as fName

    if (V_flag == 0)
        alertStr = "Graph saved successfully."
        alertStr = "***An error occurred. Graph not saved"
    print alertStr

End //saveGraph()


function SaveAllGraphs()
    int NGraphs, i
    string graphList, currWindow
    GraphList = WinList("*", ";", "WIN:1")
    NGraphs = ItemsInList(GraphList)
    PathInfo home
    NewPath/C/O/Q graphs, S_path + "graphs:"
    for (i = 0; i < NGraphs; i += 1)
        currWindow = StringFromList(i, graphList)
        GetWindow $currWindow, wtitle
        SavePICT/Z/O/E=-5/P=graphs/WIN=$currWindow as CleanUpName(s_value, 1) + ".png"

note that files will be overwritten using the /O flag