Keep updating a polar plot in a do-while loop


I am trying to see how the polar plot of a piece of data will change with some small parameter change.

I wrote a small do-while loop such that in each successive run it will wait 0.1 sec, then it will repeat with another parameter.
Then I hope to see how the polar plot is changing with the successive runs.

Without the do-while loop, by just running the function and updating the data, the plot will get updated.
However now with the do-while loop, the plot is updated only if I stop the loop.

May I know if I can keep the plot being updated while the loop is running?

If you want to see the effect of changing parameters, another useful technique is to add a SetVariable control to the window. Create a SetVariable function (a template can be generated automatically from within the dialog that creates the control), and within this function use the value of the variable to update the wave that's displayed. It's a different, but quick and simple, way to investigate the effects of changing variables.

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It may not be what you need for your application, but is a useful technique in general.