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I apologize in advance for the simple question, but I'm having some growing pains learning Igor syntax basics. For example, I'm simply trying to print the median of a wave in the command line but I keep running into error messages. I'm typing something like this in the command line:

Print StatsMedian('wave1')

I keep getting a syntax error that says, "wave name expected" and I don't understand why it keeps doing this when I am providing the name of the wave within the parentheses. Can someone please help me understand the syntax nuance here? I'm used to programming in Matlab, R, or Python but a lot of times, Igor just throws me off. 


Are you certain that wave1 exists? Is it in the current data folder? Look in the Data Browser- is the red arrow next to a data folder containing your wave1?

Also your command is showing single quotes. 


Try: Print StatsMedian(wave1)  no quotes around wave name.



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If there's really a wave1 in the current data folder, I think the single quotes around the name should still work. (They let you call waves with odd names like '012', in addition to regular names.) It looked wrong to me at first too, having avoided that syntax for my whole Igor life. 

Ah, silly me. The proper data folder wasn't selected in the data browser! Thank you all for the input. For sake of thoroughness, I'll also mention that the single quotes were needed for my case.