Query size and position of target cell in table?

When my user clicks on a cell in a table, I'd like to be able to place a popup menu over the cell to help the user choose the item to be entered in that cell.

To do that, it seems I need to know the size and position of the cell the user clicked on.  Is that possible with Igor 8.02?  If so, please let me know how.  If not, please pass along any recommended work-arounds.


It really sounds to me like you should be using a control panel with a Listbox control in it. A Listbox control has events that cover all the stuff you've been trying to coerce a table window into doing. The only hitch is that the Listbox needs a text wave representation of your numeric wave instead of the numeric wave itself. That means a bit of code to make your user's edits update the numeric wave.

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Have you considered using setvariable and popup controls within a panel? SetVariable controls have options for limits, increments, and so on that are easy to implement, and can be used to set the value of a wave element. Popups, checkboxes, sliders, and buttons can have action procedures that set a wave element based on the selection. You can build a panel using dialogs (show tools and add controls from the panel menu) and generate a recreation macro to create some code as a starting point for coding the interface.