tag lines and tag boxes ordering

The following code

Function CreateData()

    Make/O AD0 = 1/20*p
    Make/O AD1 = 1/20*p

Window MyGraph_1() : Graph
    PauseUpdate; Silent 1       // building window...
    Display /W=(191.25,511.25,786.75,801.5)/L=row0_col0_1 AD0
    AppendToGraph/L=row0_col0_2 AD1
    ModifyGraph margin(bottom)=85
    ModifyGraph rgb(AD0)=(7967,7710,7710),rgb(AD1)=(60395,52685,15934)
    ModifyGraph nticks(bottom)=8
    ModifyGraph lblMargin(bottom)=48
    ModifyGraph standoff(row0_col0_1)=0,standoff(row0_col0_2)=0
    ModifyGraph lblPosMode=1
    ModifyGraph lblLatPos(bottom)=-34
    ModifyGraph tickUnit(row0_col0_1)=1,tickUnit(row0_col0_2)=1
    ModifyGraph freePos(row0_col0_1)=0
    ModifyGraph freePos(row0_col0_2)=0
    ModifyGraph axisEnab(row0_col0_1)={0.515,1}
    ModifyGraph axisEnab(row0_col0_2)={0,0.485}
    Label row0_col0_1 "AD0\r(pA)"
    Label row0_col0_2 "AD1\r(pA)"
    Tag/C/N=text_1/X=0.00/Y=-24.81 AD0, 60, "my label"
    Tag/C/N=text0/F=0/X=61.46/Y=-0.78 AD0, 0, ""

Gives the attached graph. Is there a way I can move the tag line behind the textbox?

What happens when you make the background on the tag solid? Does that fill in to hide the tag line in the way you need?

J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAH
Reverse the order of the Tag commands:
    Tag/C/N=text0/F=0/X=61.46/Y=-0.78 AD0, 0, ""
    Tag/C/N=text_1/X=0.00/Y=-24.81 AD0, 60, "my label"

--Jim Prouty
Software Engineer, WaveMetrics, Inc.
@jjweimer: It is already solid.

@JimProuty: Thanks that worked. So there is no interactive method?