Github in editor

I am trying to find out how to backup my (long) Igor Pro procedures using GitHub. What do you suggest? I would find it useful to have the possibility to access Git directly from the editor (like in PyCharm). But perhaps some of you have found an easy way to link Igor and Git?

You can use Igor to edit source code that is part of a git checkout, but Igor has no ability to integrate with git to show diffs, logs, etc. You'll need to use either the command line tool or a separate Git GUI for that.


Thank you for your rapid answer.
Is there some external editor of the procedure that recognizes the Igor syntax and integrates Git?

I develop some procedures on GitHub and generally work in the way Adam describes (GitHub Desktop as GUI). There is an Igor Theme for Atom which can be used as an external editor and integrates nicely with GH but I prefer to work in a procedure window within Igor and do the Git stuff separately.