GraphWaveEdit and hook functions

When edit mode is active, some, but not all, graph window events are swallowed up so that a hook function does not see them. Is it necessary that keyboard events are prevented from triggering a hook function? I use mouseup events combined with a modifier key for inserting points only when the modifier is pressed, and that works fine because a hook function still sees mouseup events. I can see that there may be reasons for hiding mousemoved events from a hook function, though I would prefer that they weren't. But is there any reason why simple keyboard events have to be hidden?

Well, if we let your hook functions have those events, and you return 1 from the hook function, then Graph Wave Edit doesn't work, but your graph is in a strange state. Graph Wave Edit is a whole system of mouse tracking and uses pretty much all the modifier keys for various things like adding points, moving edges, etc.

I suppose we could allow it, and you would be responsible for any screwups :) But it seems like a pretty big change- it is absolutely not going to happen in IP9.

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I see, sort of. You do already give us mouseup together with modifier keys - please don't take that away! I was thinking specifically about eventcode 11 for a keyboard event. I cannot find a keyboard event that has any effect when GraphWaveEdit is active. Pressing a key just brings the command line to the front and enters the character, as it does when GraphWaveEdit is off. I would want to be able to return 1 if I decided to 'use' the keyboard event!