Make auto graph margins label and tick aware

Currently the graph margins set to 'auto' do not care if a label and if/where the axis ticks are placed. I often create graphs where I switch the left axis ticks off and may not even show a label in some cases. I have attached a test graph with the label switched off and the tick location set to 'inside' (for dramatic effect I have also set the major tick length to 20). With the auto margins this creates a fairly big empty region, and I need to set the margins manually to get a neat result. It would be great if the auto margins would change according to the state of the Labels (off / empty = no added space or on / not empty) and tick Location settings (off / inside = no added space or outside). 

test graph.pdf

Sure, here it is (I don't have the experiment file with the exact graph anymore, but this gives basically the same result):

Window Graph0() : Graph
    PauseUpdate; Silent 1
    Display /W=(560,60,840,280)  test
    ModifyGraph tick(left)=2
    ModifyGraph mirror=2
    ModifyGraph minor=1
    ModifyGraph noLabel(left)=2
    ModifyGraph standoff=0
    ModifyGraph btLen(left)=20