WinList(.... [visibleWindowsOnly]) Parameter?

Having an optional parameter [visibleWindowsOnly] as in the WinName(...) function would be useful in the WinList function too.
hrodstein wrote:
True enough. You can use "GetWindow hide" as a workaround.

I also notice, the GetWindow hide and DoWindow/hide=? return 1 or 2 (or 4 I guess on Windows), whereas the DoWindow/hide=N should use 0 or 1 (or 2 on Windows). I needed a bit of playing around to realize the difference is between using the /hide flag to set bit values N and using it to return the actual values 2^N. If I might make suggestions to improve the help portions for these two operations ...

/HIDE=h Sets hidden state of a window.
    h =0:   Visible.
    h =1:   Hidden
        h =2:     (Windows only) Visible without restoring minimized windows
    h =?:     Determines hidden state (returned in V_flag as 2^0 = 1 or 2^1 = 2 or 2^2 = 4)

hide    Sets V_Value bit 0 (returns V_value=1 or 2) if window or subwindow is hidden.
        Sets bit 1 (returns V_value=4) if the host window is minimized.

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