Igor 6.34A is now shipping

WaveMetrics is now shipping IGOR Pro 6.34A ( Some of the changes are:

Macintosh: Igor declines to open a Recent File or Recent Experiment that has been moved to the Trash.

Macintosh OS X 10.7+: Igor now supports the Resume feature. Note: if you disable Resume, you can still hold down the option key while launching Igor to open the most recent experiment automatically. (We like to use "RestoreMeNot" to disable Resume.)

IntegrateODE using a list of Y waves in braces had incomplete sanity checking leading to a crash if one of your listed items was not a valid wave name.

WMBatchCurveFit.ipf: Added ability to output all the covariance matrices in one 3D matrix.

Full Igor 6.34A Release Notes

IGOR Pro 6.34A is available as a free update to licensed users of the English version IGOR Pro 6.0 and later:

The price of a single-user IGOR Pro 6.3 license is $595 ($435 academic) plus shipping. See our multi-user pricing page for additional pricing and our our order pages to purchase upgrades from versions of IGOR Pro earlier than 6.0.

The Japanese version of Igor 6.34A from Hulinks will be released soon.