Please welcome our two newest members of the WaveMetrics team!

WaveMetrics is pleased to announce two additions to our team:

Ben Murphy-Baum is a neuroscientist turned programmer who has been an avid Igor user for the last 12 years. Ben's research background is in electrophysiology and two-photon microscopy, and he studied retinal circuit function. Ben works out of the Portland, Oregon WaveMetrics office.

Casey Meakin is a software engineer and computational (astro)physicist with experience in high performance computing, science and engineer consulting, and web application development. Former career stops include a postdoctoral scholarship at the University of Chicago, and Los Alamos National Laboratory as a member of the technical staff. Casey now resides in the Los Angeles area, working for WaveMetrics remotely.

-- Jim Prouty

Welcome, Casey. Ben of course is already familiar to IgorExchange users. Congratulations both on your new appointments!