Channel Rhodopsin Mapper

Channel Rhodopsin Mapper (ChRMapper) is a package written for Igor Pro 6.1 or higher for making photoactivation maps in motor cortex expressing channel rhodopsin (Ayling et al., Nat Methods. 2009 Mar;6(3):219-24;
ChRMapper requires:
  1. Data acquisition board from National Instruments

  2. NIDAQmx XOP (

  3. Computer-controllable stage (usually serial port with VDT2).

  4. Laser plus associated optics to focus it on the sample (see paper for details).

  5. A way to record an evoked signal (e.g.,electromyograms, position sensors, accelerometers)
ChRMapper features:
  1. Control of light stimulaton with either a TTL gating signal or an analog voltage that determines intensity.

  2. Control of stimulation position via a motorzied stage, or galvo mounted mirrors.

  3. Recording of analog signals syncronized with the laser stimulation.

  4. An efficient and intuitive panel-driven user interface.

  5. A suite of functions to analyze the data, e.g., make maps of evoked movements.

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