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This provides a control panel to input logbook information to a notebook in an efficient and consistent manner. The notebook content is by default formatted in markdown syntax, however this option can be toggled off to create a rich-text level notebook, e.g. for export to a cleaner looking PDF file.


The start of every notebook is stamped with the date and experiment information.

Sections are provided to grab comments, graphics, history, and a folder directory. If you have pictures in the experiment, you can also choose to insert them in the notebook.

The input comments can contain dynamic codes to execute a function or operation call.

  • %date() - inserts the date at that point in the notes
  • %MyStringList(10) - inserts the string results from MyStringList(10) at that point in the notes
  • #print date() - prints the date to the history area
  • #MyFunction(10,3,5) - runs my function with the given parameters
  • #{MyOperation parameters} - runs my operation with the given parameters
  • %cliptext - put clipboard text
  • %clippict - put clipboard picture

The notebook is saved using the Save Notebook button. An example below shows a saved markdown notebook viewed in Obsidian. The pictures are exported in a separate folder. The file naming sequence is autocorrected before export. Shift-click on the Save Notebook button to autocorrect the naming without exporting.

The captions tags are generated using the Windows Notes package.

Distribution Details

  • Experiments: none
  • Procedure Files: LogBook.ipf
  • XOPS: none
  • Demos: none
  • Requires Packages: NONE*
  • Help Files: LogBook.ihf
  • Other Documentation: the Web pages for this project


Example to create a notebook using this package. Notebook view in Obsidian LogBook Panel (v4.10)

Project Details

Current Project Release


Release File: LogBookv4.20.zip
Version: 4.20
Version Date: Wed, 05/08/2024 - 09:00 am
Version Major: 4
Version Patch Level: 20
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
Release Notes:

Squashed Bugs

  • KILLS PICTGallery pictures of panels after placing in notebook
  • sizing to page width now works correctly

Enhanced Code

  • removed old code
  • removed certain global variables and global strings

Improved Code / UI

  • removed dynamic notebook option
  • revised ruler text formats for Header (14pt Bold), SubHeader (12pt Bold), and SubSubHeader (12pt Italic)
  • use abbreviated graphics names to account for longer names running over listbox width

Added Features

  • pagination includes option to insert level 1 header
  • can select to use or not use sub-headers 3+ levels deep
  • can select not to use MarkDown in notebook
  • click ALT/OPTION on Save Notebook button to remove all markdown sub-headers 3+ levels deep
  • click SHIFT + ALT/OPTION on Save Notebook button to remove all markdown formats on all header levels (equivalent to converting notebook headers from MarkDown format to RTF format)
  • can show names or titles in graphics list
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