Code Snippets

These are snippets of user-contributed Igor code that serve a specific purpose.

Print Data Listing

July 25, 2019 Utilities

Toggle a Bit

June 5, 2019 Programming

Putting pixel values on an image

April 18, 2019 Image Processing

Cropped ternary diagram template

January 31, 2019 Graphing

Wave Folding

January 17, 2019 Analysis

Polar averaging and errors

November 30, 2018

Get the free memory in GB

November 26, 2018 Programming

Matching different Gizmos' viewing angles

September 20, 2018 Visualization/Gizmo

Read PDB files and display in Gizmo

September 16, 2018 File Input/Output Graphing Visualization/Gizmo

Interface to choose a list item by typing, with autocompletion

September 11, 2018 Programming User Interface

Expand a zip archive (platform agnostic)

August 31, 2018 File Input/Output Utilities

Tag each point of a trace

August 22, 2018 Graphing

Spreadsheet reference conversions (Excel, ...)

July 31, 2018 File Input/Output

Genetic Algorithm Example from Igor Book

June 13, 2018 Education Programming

Batch savePict

March 1, 2018 File Input/Output

Piecewise cubic Hermite interpolating polynomial (PCHIP)

February 11, 2018 Analysis Curve Fitting

Globbing in Igor Pro

December 6, 2017 Utilities




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