Content of Wave Reference Waves

Apologies if I missed an option in the documentation, but is there a way to view the content of wave reference waves, i.e. to see full paths of referenced waves in a table? 

If not, could this information maybe be stored as wave note?

You can grab the full path from the wave reference wave yourself as in


Function Dostuff()

    Make/FREE dataFree = p
    Make/O dataPerm = p^2
    Make/O/WAVE container = {dataFree, dataPerm}
    Edit container.ld

    printf "Path %s\r", GetWavesDataFolder(container[0], 2)
    printf "Path %s\r", GetWavesDataFolder(container[1], 2)

which outputs


  Path root:dataPerm

as only permanent waves have a datafolder where they reside in.

Try this:

Make jack, fred
Make/WAVE ww = {jack, fred}
Edit ww

Now choose Table->Show Column Info Tags.

Now hover the mouse over the two wave elements in the table. The column info tag shows the wave to which the element points.

Thanks Thomas and Howard!

I was looking for an option to quickly see the content based out of the data browser without dealing with commands. The last option kind of works for me but it's not as quick as I wished.

PS: Well, actually something like this works better

#if IgorVersion() >= 9
menu "DataBrowserObjectsPopup"
    "Show Wave References", /Q, ShowWRefWaves()

function ShowWRefWaves()
    string item = GetBrowserSelection(0)
    if (strlen(item) == 0)
        return 0
    wave/wave/z w=$item
    if(wavetype(w, 1) != 4)
        print "Wrong wave/object type!"
        return -1

    variable i, nPts=numPnts(w)
    for(i=0; i<nPts(w); i++)
        print GetWavesDataFolder(w[i], 2)
    return 1


PPS: "DataBrowserObjectsPopup" --> great feature!!




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If you want to make this a bit fancier, you can use this code:

#if IgorVersion() >= 9
Menu "DataBrowserObjectsPopup", dynamic
    // This menu item is displayed if a single wave reference wave is selected
    DisplayWaveRefMenuItemString(), /Q, DisplayWaveReferences()

// If only one wave reference wave is selected in the Data Browser
// object list, this function returns the selected wave
// via w1 and returns 1. Otherwise the function returns 0
// and the w1 parameter may be null.
static Function GetSelectedWaveRefWave(WAVE/Z &w1)
    if (strlen(GetBrowserSelection(-1)) == 0)
        return 0    // Data Browser is not open

    WAVE/Z w1 = $(GetBrowserSelection(0))   // May be null

    if (!WaveExists(w1) || strlen(GetBrowserSelection(1)) > 0)
        return 0        // Too few or too many waves selected

    if (WaveType(w1,1)!=4)
        return 0        // Wave is not a wave reference wave

    return 1

Function/S DisplayWaveRefMenuItemString()
    WAVE/Z w1, w2
    int oneWaveRefWaveSelected = GetSelectedWaveRefWave(w1)
    if (!oneWaveRefWaveSelected)
        return ""

    String menuText
    sprintf menuText, "Show Wave References"
    return menuText

Function DisplayWaveReferences()
    WAVE/Z w1
    int oneWaveRefWaveSelected = GetSelectedWaveRefWave(w1)
    if (oneWaveRefWaveSelected)
        WAVE/WAVE w1Ref = w1
        variable i, nPts=numPnts(w1Ref)
        for(i=0; i<nPts; i++)
            WAVE/Z thisWave = w1Ref[i]
            if (WaveExists(thisWave))
                print GetWavesDataFolder(thisWave, 2)
                print "<null>"
#endif      // IP9+

That will cause the "Show Wave References" contextual menu item to be hidden except when only one wave reference wave is selected.