Modify Image Appearance of subwindows

Hey, I have following problem:

If there are several NewImages as separate subwindows in a graph, it is currently only possible to edit the last added NewImage with "Modify Image Appearance" via the menus. (Or I have overseen something). I tried right clicking on a graph. Would it be possible to use this menu to adjust the scaling of all sub-windows at a time or the sub-window clicked on? (Or on the left side in "Modify Image Appearance" a tree menu, to select other subwindows?) I need to call a separate function for rescaling in this moment, which makes it a bit impractical.

I have attached a sample experiment with the graph / the newimages.

NewImages_subwindow.pxp (46.91 KB)

The problem occurs because you are preparing the graph in a strange way. Basically, all four images are on top of each other and you just adjust the margins to offset them from the left edge. This way the top image spans actually the full graph size (the plot area plus a huge left margin) and overlaps all underlying images. This makes it impossible to select the underlying images via right-click etc. You should instead position the images in the right place via Display/W=() and keep the margins small. I have corrected your graph by modifying the window macro. See the attachment. By the way, to scale and modify sub-graphs on the fly, you can also use my graph tools ( ).

NewImages_subwindow_corr.pxp (49.78 KB)

Ok... this explains the problem. Thank you. I was a little bit confused because /W does not exists for NewImage. When I add another layer to graphs (using display/W=(l,t,r,b)) that have the dimensions with /W, the NewImage is created in the correct position and I can edit it normally.

In this case I had written myself a function to quickly get many waves as NewImages in a list with a scale bar. Normally I use either my own function or often your panel. It is very helpful, thank you.

It would still be nice to be able to edit in the normal Modify Image window all the NewImages that are displayed in the parent and grandparent window.

Oh, I didn't realize that NewImage doesn't have the /W flag. Maybe we should request this. Seems like an essential feature to me. For now, you could also Try your luck with MoveSubwindow. Anyway, maybe the Igor staff is working on improvements of the Modify ... dialogs, so it does not hurt to ask.

That seems like a confusing oversight. I have filed a ticket to add a /W flag to NewImage.

I note that if you make a panel with graph subwindow made with NewImage, the recreation macro doesn't generate a NewImage command. Instead it does something like:

    AppendImage/T junk
    SetAxis/A/R left

That gets around the lack of /W by using Display instead. Really, NewImage is convenience- as you can see, it is possible to do everything that NewImage does using other commands.

And, yes- the obvious work-around is to follow NewImage with MoveSubWindow. You might also want to consider using subwindow guides. Start here: DisplayHelpTopic "Subwindow Layout Mode and Guides"

Thanks for help. For my problem, the way that currently works is to use another display and NewImage.
I would still like to see as an advanced feature that you can switch between the individual subwindows via the "Modify Image" graphics interface without having to close and reopen the dialog.