A small notebook (notepad) that functions as a calculator.

Type an expression and hit enter. Use up and down arrows to insert previously executed lines. Use shift-up/down to replace selection with previous answers. Type ? to change settings. Execution environment is current data folder.

The window magnification setting is retained across settings, and the menu shortcut can be selected in the settings window.

The IgorExchange Installer can be used to install this package.

Project Details

Current Project Release

CalcPad IGOR.8.00.x-1.30

Release File:
Version: IGOR.8.00.x-1.30
Version Date: Thu, 02/04/2021 - 10:17 am
Version Major: 1
Version Patch Level: 3
OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
Release Notes:

Fixes bugs that prevented preferences from being set.

Adds a preference setting to change menu shortcut key.

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Hi Tony, I am an avid user of CalcPad since quite a while now. Thank you for this neat calculator tool! I have three things to note:

1) There might be a bug with mainly affects the options panel. The controls there do not work for me, since the function call seems wrong. I think 


should be


I did not notice this until now, since I am usually fine with the default settings.

2) I quite often mistakenly want to edit the line of the previous result, which of course is not possible, while forgetting that I first have to press up. This is mainly a problem of getting used to it, but I wonder if the distinction between result and edit line could be made easier, e.g., by drawing a line under the last result to separate the edit line visually better.

3) Maybe that would be something nice to add in the future: It is a bit tedious to write common functions (like sin in degrees, which would be sin(x*pi/180)). I think it would be a great addition to have a small side panel with buttons for common functions, which get inserted at the current cursor position with a button press.

Thanks, Chozo, for the feedback. So, somebody actually uses this thing! I've fixed the preferences bugs, and in doing so may have added fresh ones, so let me know if it works. In answer to point number 2, I changed the colour of the executed text as a visual reminder that it's not editable. Maybe not the solution you were looking for, but a quick and easy one. As for point 3... yeah, a control panel with a command line and history and buttons and so on is feasible, but really this was more of a proof-of-concept that I put out there when I started playing with notebooks as an interface.

Tony, thank you for the nice update. It works great here. I found the grey for the history a bit to dim to read. But of course you implemented the option to change all colors, so I just set a flashy purple for my sessions.

For the added control I was imagining just a small size panel with common math functions as buttons. But today I realized that notebook windows do not accept external host panels. This makes things much more involved, and would mean to have the notebook embedded in a full panel. So, yeah, this is maybe a bit too much for the small project now.




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