Project Updater

Provides a way to keep files in sync with new releases on and a package installer for installing user projects hosted on

The Updater.ipf procedure file must be saved in the Igor Procedures folder. Look for 'Show Igor Pro User Files' in the Help menu.


Package installer

Look for 'IgorExchange Projects' menu item in the Misc menu. The names of all of the user contributions are retrieved from Be patient, it may take a while to parse all of the projects from the archive. If you select one of these and click 'Install' the project will be downloaded and installed in a location of your choice.

The projects list can be resorted by clicking on the column titles.


Project Updater

If you use the IgorExchange installer to install a project, when a new version is released you will see an alert with the option to open the IgorExchange Projects control panel and view available updates.

Look in the Updates tab of the IgorExchange Projects panel to see the update status of installed projects. Other compatible projects may be listed if you select the option to search in the User Procedures folder.

Updater can update procedure files that are currently open in Igor. This is necessary when the updater project updates itself. For seamless updating, it's best to set the setting for Text Editing like this: Look in the Misc menu for Miscellaneus Settings, then select Text Editing -> External Editor and check Reload Automatically -> As Soon as Modification is Detected. If Igor presents you with an option to review modified files, you should select the option to resolve any conflict by reloading from file.

Click the cog icon in the IgorExchange Projects panel to change settings. If you don't want to have Igor check for updates in the background, change the settings frequency to 'never'. The default value is 'weekly'. You may also need to adjust the timeout settings for downloads.


    For Developers

    If you're developing a package and want to make sure that it's compatible with IgorExchange installer:

    Compress (zip) your project file(s) before uploading a project release.

    Make sure that the version number fields are filled out correctly. If your file version is 1.03, set the patch version to 03, NOT 3!

    Be aware that this information is recorded in the install log on the user's computer at the time of installation. If files are moved or replaced by the user this will interfere with the updating function of the installer.

    Design your project so that files do not have to be moved into other locations after installation. You can provide an itx script as part of your package if you need Igor to create shortcuts for XOPs, help files, etc.

    If you want your package to be listed in the updates tab even if it has not been installed using the IgorExchange Installer, add two lines to the procedure file (for packages with multiple files, add this to the main procedure file at the root level of the package folder):

    // updater headers
    static constant kProjectID=12345 // the project node on IgorExchange
    static strconstant ksShortTitle="MyProject" // the project short title on IgorExchange

    Set the project ID to the 'node' for your project, as seen in the project url:

    Set ksShortTitle to the short title that you filled in on the project page.



    • An install log and cache file are saved in the User Procedures folder. When projects are installed using the IgorExchange installer, details of the installation are recorded in the install log. If any of the installed files are moved or deleted the project will be listed in the updates tab as 'incomplete' or 'missing'. Right-click for an option to locate a missing project, or reinstall the project from the projects tab.
    • There are three options for checking for updates:

    1. Check files in Installed Projects: Limited to projects that have been installed or updated using the IgorExchange Projects panel. The remote version is checked against the version info stored in the install log.
    2. Check Files in User Procedures Folder: Remote version number is compared with version info in procedure files that have the required updater header. This works for procedure files that have not been installed with the IgorExchange Projects panel, but does not work for projects that do not contain a procedure file with the required header.
    3. Check Files in Current Experiment: Same as 2, but check only open procedures.
    • This package relies on being able to access and interpret the 'All Releases' page at for the project to be updated.
    • The user is presented with a DoAlert dialog before overwriting any file.
    • If you have installed an older version of one of my projects that runs as an independent module (CalcPad or UserProcedureLoader), you may encounter a compilation error after installing Updater version 3 or later. If this happens, installing the most recent version of these projects should fix the problem.


    Related Project

    Procedure Loader provides an easy way to load and unload procedure files from the User Procedures or Wavemetrics Procedures folders.


    Important Note

    Use this software at your own risk. Installing and updating projects requires that this software downloads from the web, and overwrites files on your computer. No warranty is offered against error or vulnerability to exploitation of this software or of third-party (web) services.


    Project Details

    Current Project Release

    Updater IGOR.8.00.x-3.70

    Release File:
    Version: IGOR.8.00.x-3.70
    Version Date: Mon, 07/27/2020 - 12:23 pm
    Version Major: 3
    Version Patch Level: 7
    OS Compatibility: Windows Mac-Intel
    Release Notes:

    Bug Fix: updating a project that wasn't installed but had updater headers in a procedure file didn't add the update to the install log.

    Bug fix: adding very long lines to the log file is now possible (for projects with many files)

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    Very nice!

    I am trying to bring Image Tools to be compliant. I have a few thoughts to help developers who want to build and test for building a compliant package:

    * It would be useful to have the equivalent of a VersionCheck function.

    command: Updater#VersionCheck("Image Tools")
    --> your installed version of Image Tools is 1.00
    --> the current version on Igor Exchange is 2.11

    * It would be useful to have the equivalent of a TestDownLoad function.

    command: Updater#TestDownLoad("Image Tools")
    --> the ZIP package Image Tools version 2.11 is now downloaded to Desktop:...

    I have not gotten so far to see how well this would work to update my entire set of files in the Image Tools package. Because my package folder has a collection of files, I suspect however that what I will want to be able to set is the equivalent of this:


    Once I get the updater working, I'll have a notice at the next update of Image Tools (to version 2.20).

    Good suggestions.

    For now, changing the value of the static constant kChatty to 1 in updater.ipf adds a series of doAlerts that allow the user to quit at various points along the path to updating. You can check for new version and refuse to download any new package, or make the download and refuse to overwrite any files, and refuse to delete the downloaded files.

    Note that if you run the check for releases  from the Misc menu you can cycle through eligible open procedures and check for releases. You should see something like this for each file:

    UserProcLoader: Checking for updates... Current version (1.31) is the most recent release

    The IgorExchange version info isn't written to history.

    You can also make a trial download of any package using the installer GUI. If you don't provide an install location and refuse to delete the temporary install folder you should find the download on the desktop. But testing a download with the installer is not the same as testing an update, because the installer doesn't require compliance.

    I can see that it would be helpful to provide some kind of compliance check, and I'll think about how to implement that.

    Note that for image tools you will have to provide the download location in the file itself:

    static strconstant ksLOCATION=""

    I never asked anyone at WM whether we could rely on the web site having a constant format over time. It seems that older projects can be found using the project short title (which in any case is optional), but recent releases cannot. In fact, it appears that updater is the last project that can be addressed in this way:

    is the same as

    If it turns out that this project has a life beyond version 8 of Igor Pro, it would be great if IgorExchange had a more easily and quickly parsed directory of available project downloads...

    Never mind. It all works perfectly now. I had mis-typed the location of the Image Tools package. It has to be /project-releases/ rather than projects/ or node/ (that I get when I look at the location of the package directly on Igor Exchange).

    For those who want to test this for your own package, here are some additional insights:

    * Do the modifications to your package as described. Presumably your version will be > 0.00
    * Upload your package to Igor Exchange (ZIP archive).
    * Set all the versioning information on the Igor Exchange site as directed.
    * Go back to your local package and change its #pragma version = 0.00
    * Run the Misc->Tony's Updater: Check for new releases menu option

    --> You should get a notice that your package is (to be) downloaded and you should get a notice that your files will be overwritten.

    This works also for a package that has a collection of installation files (e.g. Image Tools).

    My only closing request now is for a VersionCheck(...) function to report back the installed and the current version. For the longer haul, are you at all familiar with the TeXLive installation utility on macOS? I've attached a panel layout as an example. I have long wished that Igor Pro packages could be managed in a comparable way.

    In any case, this is a great job Tony! You've created isa superb way for developers to get their packages out with far less headache. I especially like using this coupled with the UserProcLoader package.


    In reply to by jjweimer

    Thanks, I'm glad you got it to work.

    I've not looked at TeXLive, but I have seen something similar for a python IDE. Because Igor allows many different formats for packages it's hard to imagine how a general package manager could work. It would be hard to guess which files are part of which package, which require XOPs or other custom files, etc. But for simple packages that have a main procedure file that has updater headers, it may be possible to walk the user procedures folder and check for updates. 

    The installer does a reasonable job of installing simple packages. More complex installations are possible by means of an ITX script. But I don't think I included an option for running scripts as part of an update.

    I am now thinking it would make sense to use the temporary directory provided by the OS as the download location. I'll change that for the new release, and I've replaced the 'Check for new releases' menu item with 'Check Release Versions' and 'Install New Releases'. The first prints version info to history without downloading new releases, the second checks for and downloads new releases. Is that sufficient for version checking?

    > I am now thinking it would make sense to use the temporary directory provided by the OS as the download location. I'll change that for the new release,

    I think that this will or will not matter primarily depending on how conversant the end user is. Some developers/folks may want to keep the downloaded package "exposed" (on the Desktop) so that their users can find them again if something goes wrong. Others may prefer to use the "hidden" OS temporary directory always.

    Perhaps have a Static Constant kdownloadlocation 0/1 for the developer and a function "SetDefaultDownloadFolder(0/1) for the user with 0 - to the Desktop and 1 - to the OS temporary.

    > and I've replaced the 'Check for new releases' menu item with 'Check Release Versions' and 'Install New Releases'. The first prints version info to history without downloading new releases, the second checks for and downloads new releases. Is that sufficient for version checking?

    This is perfect.

    Thank you Tony for your ongoing efforts to maintain and improve upon this package. I greatly appreciate its utility and ease of use.




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