Syntax Highlighting in VIM

Based on the work of Peter Li,, I completely revised the syntax highlighting for Igor Pro procedures in Vim.

Install into a folder read by vim [1] and add the following code to vimrc
" add filetype detection for Igor Pro procedure files
au BufNewFile,BufRead *.ipf set filetype=igorpro
" Honour user settings for colors or use the default igor pro colors
" let igorpro_default_colors = 1
" If you want to use folding, activate it with
" set foldmethod=syntax 



igor pro code with vim syntax HL

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Syntax Highlighting in VIM IGOR.6.30.x-0.41

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Lots of changes for Igor Pro 7

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What do you mean by "a folder read by gVim"? I just started Vim, so I'm pretty ignorant.

Also, does that entire code snippet really go into vimrc? I'm surprised to see things like Honour user settings for colors or use the default igor pro colors in code.

I've adapted the description as it was reflowed incorrectly. The " is the comment sign in vimL.

I also suggest to try the version from github as that is much more recent.




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