Messed Up Interface


I am working on a project for a client that uses Igor Pro to drive a metrology tool. I spent sometime crafting the interface and when I reopened the file today a large number of the interface elements where displaced and partially hidden by other elements. See attached image. Some of the elements where obscured and I could not bring to the front.

Any idea what happened and how do I get the interface to be robust. Note the elements that have moved or are obscured are drawing elements and the other objects are controls.
Looks like perhaps the drawing coordinate system got changed.

Posting an experiment would be more useful than just a screen dump.

--Jim Prouty
Software Engineer, WaveMetrics, Inc.
I see; you're using a graph to host controls and using the graph's drawing coordinates to decorate the controls in the groupbox.

You at least need to keep the graph size fixed, then.

You may need to make adjustments based on the screen resolution, though, because in a graph coordinates are in terms of points instead of pixels.

Personally, I'd use a host panel instead of a graph, and put any graph(s)/images/contour plots in subwindows.

And that would help you with the crosshairs going clear across your GUI, too.

--Jim Prouty
Software Engineer, WaveMetrics, Inc.