Divider line in popupmenu

Client is picky about aesthetics and I was wondering if was possible to create a divider line in a popupmenu that looks like the host OS, Mac OSX in this case. I tried the under lines but they don't look very nice.

Don't strain on this, just asking.
Adding "-" as a menu item makes a divider.

But in a popupmenu control, by default, special character interpretation is turned off, so that will just give you a dash as a menu item. To get the divider, you need prefix the item with "\\M1" to turn on special character interpretation. Here is a recreation macro for a popupmenu control with "yes", a divider, then "no":
PopupMenu popup0,mode=1,popvalue="Yes",value= #"\"Yes;\\\\M1-;No\""

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.