Maximum project file sizes

I plan to upload a larger analysis package within the next couple of weeks (or months?) together with some sample data and a manual.
The sample data will be fairly large compared to the ipf and the pdf. All together as one zipped file approximately 20-25 MB.
Would that be any problem?
It looks like the maximum size allowed is 9MB per upload, with a total of 50MB per user. The site runs on a virtual server with fairly limited disk space. If you can shirnk it down smaller that would be preferable, but if not contact me directly and let me know how large it is and I'll probably increase the limit to just above what you need.
Even when you could post that much here, I'd wonder about the download bandwidth for folks who want to try it out. Can you post the package and the data separately, perhaps even with the data in pieces? When storing here is a limit, can you post the package and store the data in a separate place (Dropbox ...)?

J. J. Weimer
Chemistry / Chemical & Materials Engineering, UAHuntsville
Alright, thanks for the answers!
I will probably use a smaller data set that fulfils the 9 MB limit and have a link to an external site for additional or complementary data!