Eliminate the loadwave dialog in macro laodwave

I used to do a good deal of Igor programming a few years ago and now have the need to do some more; I am therefore doing a bit of remembering and relearning. I have written a macro that loops through a list of files containing CSV data. The data load with no problem at all and I have the format of the columns ust as I want them using the /B parameter. BUT before each wave is loaded a dialog box pops up and I must click the load button. Is there a way to prevent this dialog box - very annoying as I have about 20 files to load in this way eventually. Sorry I don't know how to get a macro into one of those nice boxes other folks have done.

Macro LoadMultiRelpayFiles()
Silent 1
// Tidy up just in case
killwaves /A/Z
string myPathName
mypathname = "E:Michael:Radio Astronomy:VLF:Eclipse study"
newpath VEM mypathname
string myWaveName
string Folder = Run_Number[0]
string /G Filename
string ShortAddress
Variable Stations = 13
Variable LoadLoop = 1
String columnInfoString =""

columnInfoString = columnInfoString + "C=1, F=8,T=4;" //column 1 is date and time
columnInfoString =columnInfoString + "C=2, F=0,T=2;" // column 2&3 are FP single precision

// Load Direct Continuum Recording
string myfilename
string /G runnumber
runnumber = Run_Number[0]
Print runnumber
ShortAddress = ":"+ runnumber + ":" + runnumber + ".txt"
LoadWave /J/B=$columnInfoString /P=VEM/R={English,1,2,2,2,"Year-Month-DayOfMonth hh:mm:ss",40} ShortAddress
myWaveName = "DirRec"
rename wave1, $myWaveName
WaveStart[0] = wave0[0]
WaveEnd[0] = wave0[numpnts(wave0)-1]
SetScale/I x waveStart[0],waveEnd[0],"dat", DirRec
print "--------------------"
Print "Wave Length: ",numpnts(wave0),"Loop Number: ",LoadLoop, "FileName: ", Filename, "Wave name: ", myWaveName

// Load Flagged Replay files
IF (Station_Select[LoadLoop] == 1 ) then
killwaves/Z wave0,wave1,wave2
Filename = CallSign[LoadLoop] + "replay.txt"
ShortAddress = ":"+ Folder + ":" + Filename
LoadWave /J/B=$columnInfoString /P=VEM/R={English,1,2,2,2,"Year-Month-DayOfMonth hh:mm:ss",15} ShortAddress
myWaveName = CallSign[LoadLoop]
rename wave1, $myWaveName
Print "--------------------"
Print "Wave Length: ",numpnts(wave0),"Loop Number: ",LoadLoop, "FileName: ", Filename, "Wave name: ", myWaveName
SetScale/I x waveStart[0],waveEnd[0],"dat", $myWaveName
LoadLoop = LoadLoop + 1
While (LoadLoop !=14)
After looking over your code and loadwave help, my guess is that the dialog box is giving you the chance to name the waves. If you use "/A" in the loadwave operation, waves will be autonamed without your intervention. Otherwise you can look into other naming options.
Thanks jtigor,
adding "/A" did the trick. I must have looked through that help file, I don't know how many times, and there it was right at the top of the list all along! Problem solved.