cursor position in table

Dear all,
I was wondering if it's possible to read out the row number on which I clicked on in a table?
I have a large data set from which I see a few columns (chemical compositions) in a table. The entire data set is filtered by a number of functions but in the end I mostly need to do some filtering, which means deleting, "by hand". This is where the table and looking at data comes in. Yes, I could simply use the DeletePoints dialogue, which would have the rows already filled in. However, a user-defined function would work better, because the entire data set may also be spread out over different data folders.

What I need is the row number or the range of row numbers that are marked in a table. Maybe it's trivial, but I couldn't find anything in the manual.

Any ideas are highly welcome!


...i should have looked better .....
YES, it is trivial:

TableInfo("", -2)

Thanks anyway