Snapshot of complicated plot

I have written a series of procedures, one of these generates a plot with lots of traces (1000s). This graph window gets placed in a Layout along with lots of other graphs and then this report is saved as PDF. The plot is dispensable, but the layout is not. Re-opening the experiment takes a long time (to remake the graph) and I'm wondering: is there an easy way to store a 'picture' of the plot and put that into the layout and kill the graph window?
I suggest trying the following: save your graph as a .png file. Select your Layout as the target window. Then use the Misc -> Pictures.. menu to bring it into Igor as a picture object and use "Place Picture in Layout" in the Pictures dialog window.
You could use SavePICT, saving to the clipboard, LoadPICT to load from the clipboard to the picture gallery, then AppendLayoutObject to put the picture into the layout. I think that gets you a programmatic way to do what s.r.chinn described.

John Weeks
WaveMetrics, Inc.
Sorry I wasn't clear. Yes, I wanted a way to do this programmatically. Thank you both.