Gizmo Color by a wave


I have some CFD (computational Fluid Dynamics) data from a colleague and I am looking to use Igor as a way to allow other users to look at results. I have data with X,Y,Z,Velocity information.

In playing with Gizmo, it is straight forward to create the scatter plot with the X,Y, and Z locations. Is it possible to color the points with the velocity wave values? The color table options seem limited to the X,Y, and Z values.

I am sure I am missing something pretty basic.

Gizmo expects an a 4 column RGBA color wave, which you can generate from your velocity 1D (?) wave using:

ModifyGizmo makeTripletColorWave = {1DWave, ctabName, 0 }

so I try
ModifyGizmo makeTripletColorWave = {velcocitymagnitude, RedWhiteBlue256, 0 }

Where velocitymagnitude is 44854 points and I get an out of memory error.

I am running IP7 64 bit on a Mac with 16G of memory.

Is this to be expected?

I can't comment on Mac issues, but I am running IP 7.02x64 on Windows 7 (8 Gig memory). I have a Gizmo Display with TWO 100,000 element scatter plots (using points) and see no problems. One thing you might try is to use points in your scatter plot, rather than other OpenGL objects. Also, see if not using surface normals can help.